Date of Publishing:
July 14, 2021

All Images © Mária Auxiliadora Gálvez Pérez

Laboratory of Somatics for Architecture and Landscape (LSAAP)

María Auxiliadora Gálvez

The Laboratory of Somatics for Architecture and Landscape (LSAAP) is a pioneering program. It started in 2016. LSAAP, as University Degree, is hosted at the E.P.S Faculty of Architecture, San Pablo C.E.U University in Madrid (Spain) but we develop also workshops and other courses internationally searching for multiple collaborations and exchanges.

"LSAAP encourage a program that aims to reconfigure architectural practices and their underlying imaginaries. It is precisely these imaginaries that should be reformulated if our intention is to build differently with respect to bodies, cities or the planet. Our intention is to recognize the multiplicity of bodies, multiple bodies and their peripheral situations, as valid models without superiority or control of one over the other, and from there, to approach the design of spaces and environments. This perspective gives value to the difference and originality of each living organism, making it both cooperative and supportive."

LSAAP has travelled to Harvard University, USA (2018) or to the HafenCity Universität in Hamburgo (2019); has created International Seminars in collaboration with institutions as the International Ambiances Network (France) or Reading University (United Kingdom) in 2018; It is part of the Somatic Toolkit Program of interviews together with Tim Ingold, Juhani Pallasmaa, Brian Massumi or Erin Manning (Coventry University) and of the research directory of the Centre For Sensory Studies in Canadá. Nowadays is also involved in the research project Navigating Dizziness Together. An Arts- based Investigation of Dizziness in Social and Physical Environments, directed by Ruth Anderwald and Leonhard Grond and hosted at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria.

María Auxiliadora Gálvez is PhD in Architecture since 2012 and Landscaper. She is also Teacher of the Feldenkrais Method (2018). Since 2016, she directs the “Platform of Somatics for Architecture and Landscape” (PSAAP) and its associated Laboratory (LSAAP). LSAAP is located at the Institute of Technology of the U.S.P - C.E.U in Madrid, Spain, where she is professor as well. Nowadays she works in Landscape and Architecture from an embodied point of view and explores the possibilities of “Somatic Architecture”.

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From July 21st to 25th we invite architect María Auxiliadora Gálvez to Vienna for a workshop.