Date of Publishing:
June 7, 2021

Fig.1, Fig.2: Laura Brechmann

Dance Reading Club: When we walk on all fours in ruins

9 Jun 21, 18:00

Invalidovna - Western WingSokolovská 136/24186 00 Praha 8-Karlín

In the upcoming 6th edition of the "Dance Reading Club" we are going to read the first chapters from Anna Tsing’s book "The mushroom at the end of the world, On the possibility of life in capitalist ruins" together with our guest Laura Brechmann in dialogue with philosopher Petr Soukup, curator and Art historian Viktor Čech. This time we will delve into the reading through Laura’s practice and research on Dizziness.

Free entry, please reserve a place in the form here. We will send the text to the registered participants by email.

The discussion will take place in Czech and English with the possibility of translation.

The club is organised thanks to the cooperation of Studio ALTA.