Date of Publishing:
May 20, 2019

© Medicine & Humanities Interdisciplinary Colloquium

The Second Medicine & Humanities Interdisciplinary Colloquium

28th May 2019

Tel Aviv University
Jaglom Auditorium, the Senate Building, Tel Aviv University

Medicine and Humanities share a common research subject – humans. The basic and fundamental difference is the methodologies and research strategies applied, which could lead to similar or opposing conclusions. In the Colloquium, we will examine how the two disciplines approach the same topic, and discuss how the anomalies might contribute to a richer outcome.

Coffee and refreshments

Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond, On Dizziness

Prof. Nachum Dershowitz, (Computer Science, Tel Aviv University), AI and historical manuscripts

Discussion and Q&A Organized by: Dr. Galit Wellner, Prof. Noam Shomron, Prof. Karen Avraham