Date of Publishing:
June 2, 2020

Navigating Dizziness Together

Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond

As the artistic research project started mid-May 2020, this video-lecture is an introduction to the field to provide background for the definition of dizziness and further proceedings of the artistic research. Through defining and examining dizziness in previous projects, we arrived at the following hypothesis: re-orientation in, and navigation through, states of dizziness can only be achieved together, with respect to the social and spatial structures and agencies that form our environments, which then led to the current research questions:

— How can we navigate together through, and out of, dizziness?

— How does dizziness influence, alter or shape our social, digital, and physical environments?

— How do our social, digital, and physical environments influence, alter or shape the experience of dizziness?

Starting with the research questions, the lecture summarises the cross-disciplinary research around the field and puts dizziness in relation to the different scales attributed to dizziness, from personal experiences of vertigo to collective experiences of re-orientation, as, e.g., in the current Covid-19 crisis.