Date of Publishing:
October 26, 2023

© Leo Hosp, Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond

Radically Involved @ Research Symposium “Not Quite King, Not Quite Fish”

10 November 2023, 14:30 CET / 15:30 EET

Vilnius, SODAS 2123 & Vilnius Academy of Arts, free attendance

Radically Involved. Reflecting on Togetherness from the Perspectives of Dizziness and Queerness.

A contribution by Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond and Leo Hosp.

Dizziness, conceptualized as an unpredictable motion or the illusion of such motion, causes a shift from the given to the uncertain, thereby unbalancing bodies, multitudes, and entire (eco)systems. Dizziness never happens to an isolated element but always implicates the surroundings. While trying to find equilibrium, one is exposed to and relates generative and destructive dynamics. When dizzy beings interact, realize and actualize their togetherness, a compossible space emerges. By destabilizing the habitual and familiar, dizziness can create an aperture—dizziness becomes resourceful. In this compossible space, queerness steps in as a perspective and practice that rejects, resists, ruptures, and opposes normativity yet also fosters solidarity, creation, and compassion. The practice of ‘seeing queerly’ constitutes an orientation device towards a mutual, expansive, joyful reciprocity disengaged from comprehension.

The performative conversation between dizziness and queerness unfolds around questions of our human connection to our environment as artist-researchers, exploring how we are involved with the ecologies around us. Co-becoming, remembering, sharing and exchanging create feelings of togetherness and collective agency. What can their manifestations teach us? If we work towards a togetherness with the ecologies around us that is not based on hierarchy or rationale but rather on mutual and compassionate reciprocity, we will develop ecological, empathic, and epistemic solidarities.

Research Symposium “Not Quite King, Not Quite Fish”

2023, November 9-11th, on-site in Vilnius, at SODAS 2123 & Vilnius Academy of Arts; free attendance.