Date of Publishing:
March 29, 2024

© Leo Hosp

I Can See Queerly Now

Leo Hosp

In my accompanying artistic research on the ASF hub, I investigated queer perspectives on collaborative processes under the title I can see queerly now. My artistic practice was mainly made up of a weekly production of short videos: During each research week, I collected materials that I turned into a short film by the end of the week, staging and reflecting on my process. Through this visualization, my thoughts became graspable for discussion and reflection.

The video production became my queer methodological routine and formed the rules of my research game. I not only researched queer perspectives but explored working queerly with this practice. Through the weekly repetition, I got myself to produce something without perfectionism that felt even point-, sense- or useless at times. I got to work playfully, experimentally, self-ironically, purposelessly, joyfully. The videos were like notebook pages, helping me to think creatively and to reflect on my research process.

Now, in retrospect, all videos combined make up a season of multiple queer perspectives with weekly episodes. They narrate a complex story, starting with a voyage into queerness, shifting into queer perspectives on project work, touching upon investigating togetherness with our ecologies, and ending at celebration and rest.

To make them publicly available, I put all videos together in a YouTube playlist (accessible here), below you can catch some glimpses: