Date of Publishing:
October 13, 2022

Dizziness and Queering: Artistic Research Perspectives on the ASF hub

Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond, Doro Born, Leo Hosp

In 2021, the Ludwig Boltzmann Society and the University of Applied Arts Vienna established the Action for Sustainable Future (ASF) hub to work on innovative and creative ideas to address the multiple crises we are facing nowadays. New collaborations between society, science, and art are being established to foster a transition to a more sustainable society. Until the end of 2023, the ASF hub supports six projects that work on sustainability from different perspectives.

The artistic research project Navigating Dizziness Together is accompanying this experimental process and supports the ASF hub as well as the projects. Theoretical, bodily, and emotional elements, artistic practices, and coaching are combined to indicate different perspectives on, and possibilities for, action. Artistic practices and insights from the long-term research on dizziness support the endeavor, highlighting uncertainty as an indicator of a change in possibilities. Moreover, the concept of dizziness also serves as a perspective for understanding and reflecting the individual and collective processes within the projects.

Alongside and in relation to Navigating Dizziness Together, an artistic research project on queering as a practice is carried out. It investigates the potential of thinking together queering and dizziness, and has the goal of developing queering as a practice that fosters intersectionality. It explores the potential of queer(ing) as a feminist and political concept that involves disturbing power structures and celebrating marginalized experiences. Amongst others, the research interest lies in looking for already existing queer and intersectional elements and their traces, developing tools for queering and making them available, and collectively creating queer utopian spaces by living them.

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