Date of Publishing:
October 9, 2014

Lighthouse, 2011 © Catherine Yass


Catherine Yass

In her film Lighthouse, Catherine Yass focuses on the structure of the Royal Sovereign Lighthouse. Situated five miles out to sea, this unoccupied building is balanced precariously on the corner of a square platform, which is in turn balanced on a single concrete post. Lighthouse was shot from a helicopter, boat and with a diving team and the camera reflects the nature of the structure; it slowly moves up, down and around the platform and then into the sea, disrupting the viewer’s spatial order and boundaries. The film provokes a displacement of the senses and the resultant experience links it to dizziness, this occurs at the moment when two or more senses stop operating in unison with each other.

2011, 35mm, HD, color, sound, 12′ 45″


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