Date of Publishing:
April 8, 2015

2015 © Anderwald + Grond

Taumel Issue 1


In order to better understand the Taumel process we decided that we should work with models on which we could analyse the importance of movement and acceleration. Acceleration and movement stabilise in states of dizziness. To explore our hypothesis, we joint forces with the leading Turkish 3D studio iconic to create a photographic 3D-model of a person in the state of dizziness. Movement per se is challenging to capture in 3D. The rendering takes data from 100 cameras and if some camera angles do not correspond with each other, the lack of data as a whole can make parts impossible to render and print. With the support of the programmer and the founder of iconic we developed two models of ourselves by spinning until we stumbled.

2 Figures, 3D colour photographs, 30 cm, sandstone.Edition: 3 + 2 AP, 2.500 €

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