Date of Publishing:
April 15, 2024

Understanding Practice – Richard Shusterman

14 May 2024, 18:00

University of Applied Arts, Vienna

Vordere Zollamt Straße 7


1030 Vienna

Lecture Performance & Discourse
14 May 2024, 18:00

Philosophy as a Performative Way of Life: The Case of L’homme en Or

Long identified with practices of reading, writing, and oral dialog, philosophy originally claimed to be something other and more than words: a critical, reflective, art of living. While recognizing the important role that words and theories play in such a philosophical life, this lecture explores my experiments in practicing philosophy through speechless performance art with L’homme en Or (aka the Man in Gold), who embodies the philosopher without words. Presenting these experiments in word and image, my talk explains how such performance work inhabits a liminal space that blurs the boundaries between art and philosophy, art and life, self and other, intelligence and madness.

Understanding Practice is an event series hosted by the ZFF and the PhD in Art Program. With our renowned guests, we explore their respective practices and experiences, questioning the possibilities of understanding and practising art and research together. In both a staged performance or lecture and a conversational workshop and exchange format, we will dive into different perspectives of art and research. This approach allows for an encounter with the work of the invited guests, as well as a joint reflection of their practice and its specific challenges and implications.