Date of Publishing:
April 5, 2018

2016 © Anderwald + Grond

Dizziness Is My Name: Sound Installation

The personification of what we defined as dizziness becomes a voice moving though the entire exhibition space. Thus, its erratic, instable, temporary and fragmentary character is revealed. Dizziness's monologue leads the viewers through the exhibition space that we treated as a form of expanded cinema: Imagine the art works as film frames and the voice of Dizziness as the dynamics that bring these frames into relation and flow.

Sound installation by Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond:

Text: Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond & Karoline Feyertag

Trumpet: Anders Nyquist, klangforum vienna

Sound design: Rohde-BeSB

Model for the exhibition at Kunsthaus Graz

Exhibition at U-jazdowski Castle

Text excerpts of the sound installation:

…It’s hopeless to find the initial. Constantly I digress…

I’m old, and also very young. I’m always already here. I do not have roots: my root is rootlessness. I do not have ground: my ground is groundlessness.

Dizziness is my name and I am a pendulum without rope or gravity. My gravity is movement.

I’m your out-of-body experience. I’m your fall. I’m your hallucination. I’m your somnambulistic awareness. I am your voice of reason. Sometimes.

I am here and I am there, I stagger, I stumble, I stammer and I twist. I’m not there.

I am not.

I become.

Constantly, I become.

Constantly, I digress.

Catch me if you can.

I am here.

…But I digress…

Here you are: …the artist as the enemy of general sensibilities … the philosopher as the enemy of common sense… the economist as the enemy of balance… We have had our conflicts, our failures, and losses. But let’s put that behind us now: A devaluation is direly needed, a transvaluation, a re-evaluation of our relation to the world and to ourselves, in order to understand the world anew.

To be sure, we are staggering, and will be staggering for some time. But we do not intend to fall, and in this decade, we shall set the pace and spiral forward.

I’ve heard surviving pilots tell that free fall triggers a feeling of confusion between the self and the aircraft. While falling, people may sense themselves as being things, while things may sense that they are people. Traditional modes of seeing and of feeling are shattered. Any sense of balance is disrupted. Perspectives are twisted and multiplied. Doesn’t it sound familiar?

The longing for a better world will need to arise at the imagined meeting place of many movements of resistance, as many as there are sites of closure and exclusion. The resistance will be as transnational as capital.

The demands are for other manners of resistance and new ways of thinking. Ways I can lead you to!

Remember, without me you will never be able to fully understand the value of loss and failure, the value of vitality, nor will you be able to find “alternatives to success and failure”.

Dizziness is my name and I am a pendulum without rope or gravity. My gravity is movement.

I am here, I’m not there.

I am not.

I become.

Constantly, I become.