Date of Publishing:
November 3, 2021

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Recordings: Falling Away - Symposium

Falling Away Symposium - Friday 22 October 2021

Westminster University, London

Davide Deriu (University of Westminster), Introduction: a cross-disciplinary project

Brendan Walker (Middlesex University London) in conversation with John Golding (University of Westminster) ‘Goneness Within’: riding on a swing with a virtual reality headset

Panel chair: Josephine Kane (Royal College of Art)

Andrew Harris (University College London), Failing up and falling down with London luxified skies

Amy Butt (University of Reading) ‘His feet lost weight for an instant’: falling away in science fiction

Panel chair: Kester Rattenbury (University of Westminster)

Emilyn Claid (Dance artist, director, performer) Falling through dance and life

Catherine James (University of the Arts London) Inclining to the fall

Panel chair: Julie Marsh (University of Westminster)

Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond (University of Applied Arts Vienna), Falling away? States of dizziness and vertigo as the possibility of possibility

Catherine Yass in conversation with Michael Maziere and Davide Deriu, curators of Falling Away

Panel chair: Lucy Reynolds (University of Westminster)