Date of Publishing:
August 16, 2016

© Anderwald + Grond

Horizon in Motion

21 Aug 2016, 13:00

The photo installation Horizon in Motion by Anderwald + Grond on the glass façade of the CCA, Congress Centre Alpbach plays with the figur of Atlas and with the metaphor of light and shade as a symbol of the Enlightenment.

Gu Zheng one of the most influential photography theorists in China today, wrote about this photo series: "In China there exists the idiom, Lifting something heavy is just like lifting something light. The literal meaning is that a person with great physical strength can lift things easily. But in this context its meaning has another dimension, namely that a talented person can find the tools to solve a serious or complex issue in a simple, uncomplicated way. The artists Anderwald + Grond, use this method of ease by selecting a figure from Greek mythology, Atlas, whose action is shown in their approach to photography. They do not intend to visualize an action or a mythological figure, nor do they intend to solve a problem. Rather, they intend to reflect human existence and the relationship of humans with the world."

Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond, artists
Franz Fischler, President, European Forum Alpbach
Monika Sommer-Sieghart, curator
Forum Alpbach 2016

Congress Centre
6236 Alpbach, Austria