Date of Publishing:
June 27, 2021

Ameisen und Marienkäfer die Konkurrenz © Lukas Augustin

Mehltau © Sophia Eisenring

Konstanten © Ines Försterling

Erdfinsternis © Sára Köhnlein

Schwindel Gedichte © Lena Schmidt

Alptraum I/II © Helene Slancar

Nymphen © Mirjam Wittig

Gedrehe © Valerie Zichy

Fig. 1 © Anderwald+Grond

Fig. 2 © Laura Brechmann

Fairground Ride Dizziness-Choir: Students' Texts

German only

How to set the movement of texts into dizziness, given the uncontrollable shift of emphasis these days. What texts emerge when we understand the pandemically suspended rides in the fair ground of the Prater as text-generating machines?


Lukas Augustin, Ameisen und Marienkäfer die konkurenz

Sophia Eisenring, Mehltau

Ines Försterling, Konstanten

Sára Köhnlein, Erdfinsternis

Helene Slancar, Alptraum I / II

Lena Schmidt, Schwindel Gedichte

Mirjam Wittig, Nymphen

Valerie Zichy, Gedrehe

Project seminar led by Prof. Monika Rinck, Institute of Language Arts, University of Applied Arts Vienna, in the framework of "Navigating Dizziness Together."